Senin, 14 Agustus 2017

My Blissful moment

Hello Guys.I want to tell about my story.this is unforgettable moment in my life.When i was sat on elementary school on grade IV,i have a terrible moment.

          That day was very good , I woke up on five o'clock , I went to bathroom to take a shower and I had a breakfast.And then my father took me to school.I studied at school from half past seven until twelve o'clock,it was a nice day and i'm so glad because i have a sport class on Saparua field.After finished sport class , i have some activity , I join the futsal extracurricular. this activity was start from 1 pm until 4 pm. I do that activity with pleasure.The activity has finished and i prepare to go home.I took out my phone to call my parents so they can pick me up.But when i open my phone my mother leave me some message,the message is "I am really busy , can you go to your grandparent's home by public transportation?". After i read that message I was really sad and I don't know what am I going to do.I was trying to reply my mother message to still pick me up, and she reply back "Ok,i be there on 6 pm" . Oh no, so i must waiting my mother 2 hours? it's too long for me to wait. So , i go to mosque to pray Ashar and i waited there.After 15 minutes in there i felt bored because all of my friends already go to their home.

       But suddenly my phone was ringing.My grandfather called me and he said he will pick me up in 5 minutes. Oh i was very happy because i don't have to wait my mother until 6 pm. So i walked to front of the school and, not long after that ,my grandfather arrived and pick me up by his car.And we went to grandparent's home.But before that he asked me to come to the park.After that i go to his home and waited my mother in there.At his house i sat with him together and played many games.shortly after that my mother arrived and ready to pick me up.Finally i went to my home very glad. So i very happy that my grandfather came to school and pick me up . I want to say thank you very much to my grandfather, because of him i don't have waited my mother too long.

Senin, 07 Agustus 2017

My New Friend

Hello guys welcome back to my blog! Today we're going to talk about my experience meeting my new friend, It's was the first day of school .It was the end of the first day of school , and it's time to go home. I was waiting for my parents to pick up me in front of school , there are many people in there. I was using my phone and suddenly i hit him by accident.

Raif     :"Hey! i'm sorry."
Barron :"It's okay."
Raif     :"My name is Raif ,and what's your name?"
Barron :"My name is Barron.I'm from group 5.Which group do you came from?"
Raif     :"I'm from group 6.By the way what are you doing here?"
Barron :"I was waiting for my parents to pick me up but they're still at home."
Raif     :"Okay do you want to go to the canteen with me?"
Barron : "Sure!Why not?"

We walked to the canteen.

Barron  :"What do you want to buy?"
Raif      :"I want buy batagor,and you?"
Barron  :"I want buy sandwich."

And we sat together

Raif     :"What school do you come from?"
Barron :"I'm from Taruna Bakti Junior High School , What about you?"
Raif     :"I'm from SMPN 4 Bandung"
Barron :"What's your hobby?"
Raif     :"I usually playing football,and you?"
Barron :"I like to playing basketball, Where do you live?"
Raif     :"I live on Komp.Cipaganti Rahayu Regency no.E-35,and you?"
Barron :"I live in Sukahaji Permai Street no.14."

We finished our food and we going to buy some drink

Barron :"Hey,i am thirsty. i want juice and how about you?"
Raif     :"I want some water."
Barron :"Okay."

Suddenly my phone was ringing and my parents already to pick me up.
Raif     :"Bar,my parents just call me and said they ready to pick me up at the front of the school."
Barron :"Oh okay be carefull if."
Raif     :"Hmm by the way i forgive you for hit you."
Barron :"It's okay bro!"
Raif     :"See you soon , goodbye,Nice to meet you."
Barron :Bye!,Nice to meet you too."



Senin, 31 Juli 2017

It's ME!

Zahran Raif A.

Hello everybody! , let me introduce myself , My Name Zahran Ra,if A. You can call me Raif . I was born in Bandung on January 17th 2002.Now i am 15 years old .I'm a moslem. I live at Komp.Cipaganti Rahayu Regency no.E-35 . I have two sisters , Her name is Zahretya Rifa and Zilfatya Rafifah . Now she 12 years old and 1 years old.My hobby is listening music , playing football and also traveling , every holiday my family always do that.Other than travelling , i love culinary in that city. When i went to Bali, i find the unique food there is "Ayam Betutu" and in South Yogyakarta there is "Sate Klatak" .But i love Mie Kocok from Bandung .When i was 5 years old i study at SDPN Sabang , after graduation i study at SMPN 4. Now i'm the student of SMAN 3 Bandung . my  class is X Science 5 , in here in have a lot fun friends ,there are Arya,Adit,Barron,Rizha ,Toga and Farros.In SMAN 3 is so much assigment so i can't relax at home and sleep late.actually i love sleep very much
For me weekend is paradise , because i can sleep all day or go to some place for relax .My favorite subject at school is science.I wish i can continue my study to ITB , because ITB is the best university in Indonesia. i want to study at Industrial engineer. I realized that the knowledge is power ,because people who haven't knowledge will become nothing. But beside that the character is very valuable. So i must study hard and try hard to become useful people.

I have a terrible moment when 6th years old , i was like idiot people because when all of my friends play in the field , i was running around and finally fell into the gutter . My mother was very panic and shock and bring me to hospital . After that i have a big scars on my forehead and got a stitches .Now that scars have become an acne.The most lovely people in my live is my family and the best friends.

My Blissful moment

Hello Guys.I want to tell about my story.this is unforgettable moment in my life.When i was sat on elementary school on grade IV,i have a t...